Our Team

Neil Vanderwalt 

Neil is the founder of Koala Klubs and still runs it to this day. Neil is involved with all the schools and clubs, ensuring all services are ran to an excellent standard. He is often involved in our after school clubs as well as delivering PE lessons. He is always happy to be contacted by schools and parents. Neil is a huge follower of Nottingham Forest Football Club. 

Rhys Edwards 

Rhys is on the apprenticeship module for Sports Coaching. He is hard working and delivers clubs so that children get as much out of it as possible. He works well with all the children and the children love having Rhys as a teacher. Rhys is a big Nottingham Forest fan and enjoys going to see the games in his spare time.

Ra-Venne Jhudari Scholar 

Jhudari is one of our Sports Co-ordinators. He is a confident coach and a professonal Salsa dancer. He came 2nd in a national competition early in 2016. He is a fantastic coach and a great role model to the children.

Glodi Bange 

Glodi is a skilled coach and has had past experience at high level performances, as he used to play for Notts County. Unfortunately, he suffered a knee injury, which means he can no llonger play professionally. He now passes his talent down to the younger generation.The kids llove him teaching the lessons and he certainly adds a flair to them.

Sara Elharm 

Sara is our newest member to join the Koala team. She is a university Student at Sheffield Hallam studying to be a teacher. Sara has a particular creative flair and she is fantastic at art and design. She is a great asset to our team and makes our clubs fun for the children!

Rachel Fletcher

Rachel is a new member of our team. She has a lot of experience in working with children and running clubs. Rachel builds up excellent rapports with the children and gets them engaged in the activities she is leading on. She is a great to have as part of the Koala Klubs team!

Danielle Vanderwalt

Danielle runs some of our holiday schemes, but is mainly involved with promoting them and creating our timetables. She is an experienced teacher, so engages well with the children and ensures they have a great time at our holiday clubs and want to come back!

Kyle Shaw 

Kyle is a new member of our team.